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I'm planning a trip to Italy and want to learn more about the culture and history - what books should I read to prepare?

What a wonderful idea! Reading books is an excellent way to learn about a culture before you visit. Here are a few books I'd recommend to help you prepare for your trip to Italy:

What books would you recommend for someone who enjoys science fiction?

These books are all classic science fiction stories that have stood the test of time. They are all incredibly imaginative, thought-provoking, and entertaining reads. I highly recommend them!

I'm interested in exploring fiction books set in the 1920s - can you recommend some titles that fit this criteria?

These books are all excellent examples of fiction set in the 1920s. They capture the spirit of the era and explore themes of love, loss, and society. They are all timeless classics.

What are some good books to read if I'm interested in philosophy? And Why?

I chose these books because they each offer a unique perspective on the philosophy of their respective authors. Plato's Republic is a classic work of political philosophy...

What was that book about the characters in search of an author?

Greetings! You're referring to the play "Six Characters in Search of an Author" by Luigi Pirandello. It's a classic work of modern drama that examines the relationship between art and reality. Here it is:

I want to explore new genres of literature - can you suggest some books that are similar to my favorite author?

I'd be happy to help you find some books similar to your favorite author. Here are some titles I think you'll enjoy. Some new, some old.

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Beyond Discovery 

LibrarianAI enhances book discovery and reading with personalized recommendations, digital access, and text analysis

LibrarianAI offers digital access to a vast library of reading materials and enables easy search, all from your device.

LibrarianAI's language processing capabilities enable real-time text analysis and annotation, aiding students, researchers, and others.

LibrarianAI offers digital access to a vast library of reading materials and enables easy search, all from your device.


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LibrarianAI is a virtual librarian service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide personalized book recommendations and answers to questions about books and literature. We use natural language processing and machine learning to understand your questions and provide you with the best possible answers.

The LibrarianAI is an AI-powered research assistant that can be used to enhance research, learning, and reading experiences. Here are some ways we can use LibrarianAI:
  1. Academics and Scholars: LibrarianAI can help academics and scholars in researching academic papers, theses, dissertations, and other scholarly publications. LibrarianAI can assist in finding relevant and credible sources, compiling bibliographies and reference lists, and organizing research notes.
  2. Teachers: LibrarianAI can help teachers in preparing course materials and lesson plans. LibrarianAI can assist in finding supplementary readings, generating quiz questions, and suggesting teaching resources.
  3. Avid Readers: LibrarianAI can help avid readers in finding new books to read. It can suggest books based on an individual's reading history, interests, and preferences. LibrarianAI can also provide book summaries, reviews, and recommendations.
  4. Listophiles: LibrarianAI can help listophiles in creating and organizing their reading lists. It can suggest books based on a theme, genre, author, or any other criteria. LibrarianAI can also help in tracking reading progress, setting reading goals, and sharing lists with others.
  5. Book Clubs: LibrarianAI can help book clubs in selecting books for their meetings. It can suggest books that are popular, well-reviewed, or relevant to the club's theme or interests. LibrarianAI can also assist in creating discussion questions, facilitating group chats, and sharing reading materials.
With its AI-powered features and user-friendly interface, LibrarianAI can save time and effort in finding and organizing information, and enhance the overall research and reading experience.

  1. AI-powered: Unlike normal book searches that rely on keyword matching and popularity ranking, LibrarianAI uses artificial intelligence to analyze and understand users' queries and preferences.
  2. Personalized: LibrarianAI provides personalized book recommendations based on an individual's reading history, interests, and preferences, whereas normal book searches may provide generic results that do not consider individual preferences.
  3. Multiple Formats: LibrarianAI can search for books in multiple formats, including print, digital, and audiobooks, whereas normal book searches may be limited to a particular format.
  4. Beyond Books: LibrarianAI can search for various types of information beyond books, such as research papers, articles, and web content, whereas normal book searches are limited to books.
  5. Assistance with Research: LibrarianAI can assist in organizing research notes, generating bibliographies and reference lists, and suggesting sources, whereas normal book searches do not provide such assistance.
LibrarianAI offers a more personalized and intelligent approach to book searches, and can assist users beyond finding books.

  1. Legible's Browser-Based Reading System: Legible is a browser-based reading system that allows you to read books directly in your web browser. This means that you do not need to download any software or apps to read books suggested by LibrarianAI. Legible makes every book accessible with the tap of a finger.
  2. Over 2 Million Books: Legible has over 2 million books available, including a wide range of genres and formats. This means that you can find and buy books on virtually any topic that you are interested in.
  3. Legible Unbound Program: The Legible Unbound program offers unlimited use of the LibrarianAI and unlimited reading from our subscription catalogue. This means that you can use LibrarianAI to search for and access as many books in that catalogue as you’d like, without any restrictions or limitations.

The LibrarianAi is built on the always-improving LLMs (Large Language Models) of OpenAI and Microsoft Azure. General knowledge is provided in the pre-trained base models, and specific, or domain, knowledge is provided by Legible (we do not share publisher content with anyone, and never give access to content inside the book).

You will receieve a confirmation email (if you do not receive one please email - we usually can respond within a couple of hours). We will communicate to you about when the release will happen and then send you an email with detailed information about how to sign in and what to expect. We are excited to share the LibrarianAI, which has already become essential use at Legible.

The Librarian will sometimes make mistakes - this is part of the training period all AI systems are in at the moment. However, the Librarian will constantly be impproving with use both in accuracy and in results, and we expect significant improvement in very short amounts of time.

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